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Hey, aspiring comic’s

We are Two Joke Minimum Comedy. Are you sick of the bringers or the “pay-to-play” culture of NYC comedy? Us too! This is a DIY collective where we make our own shows. We call ourselves Two Joke Minimum because all we care about is the joke.

We don’t ask for much to do one of our shows.
We do wanna see a tape. It does NOT have to be a professional tape. You can send over an iPhone video recording of yourself at an open mic or something comparable. A headshot shot will be helpful aswell. We will not charge anything to do one of our shows. And no bringer.

We offer open mics as well. Sign ups and location are available on the website and fill quickly.

ENTRY BOOKING: Submissions are required to have a video, minimum of 5 minutes. You must also have a a headshot and correct spelling of the name you would like used for show. Any content missing from submission can result in disqualification of submission. ( 5 MIN SPOT)


Desired name on advertisment
Upload headshots and photos
Choose the preferred area you would like to perform

Paid Producers Internship

TJMCOMEDY has put together a program that is based on helping new producers, develop the necessary skills to produce successful comedy shows. So tell us about you want why we should chose you to be part of out team.


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