Two Joke Minimum

The Collective Comedy Club

Not Just a Comedy Show…. We’re a Community “

Two Joke Minimum is a comedy collective in New York City which operates at multiple venues and comedy clubs in and around the NYC area. 
   Our goal is to provide a unprecedented fusion of unique performers, while also ensuring that both our comics and sponsored venues and event spaces are never left on the sidelines! We believe that our transparent model is the key to everyone’s mutual success. Come join the laughter!

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What’s New on TJM

Comedy Clinicals Workshop

Free!! 5min feedback or 10 min sets. First come serve free video of set included

Mon and Thurs 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.


Support Two Joke Minimum and purchase some of our gear. Wear it proudly as you help out local comedy

Comic Connection

Comic connection has been set down as a tool to help other comics network with each other. Sharing all of our experiences and knowledge with each other. You can also make show promotions or advertise for need of comedian to or hosts.


TJMCOMEDY is a collective that is involved in mainstream and local comedy. We also like to be involved in private events or causes. TJMCOMEDY would love to support you’re cause. Tell us about it. We would love to hear from you!

TJMCOMEDY Promotions

We would like to showcase any virtual shows and or open mics.

If you would like to support Two Joke Minimum donate to our Donation Page or Venmo Account. 

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