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Two Joke Minimum is a comedy collective in New York City which operates at multiple venues and comedy clubs in and around the NYC area. 
   Our goal is to provide a unprecedented fusion of unique performers, while also ensuring that both our comics and sponsored venues and event spaces are never left on the sidelines! We believe that our transparent model is the key to everyone’s mutual success. Come join the laughter!

What’s New on TJM

Jokes in The Clean Room work on your set and make it clean or add to your already clean set every Sunday starting Jan 9th

Support Two Joke Minimum and purchase some of our gear. Wear it proudly as you help out local comedy

Mon and Thurs 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

Free!! 5min feedback or 10 min sets. First come serve free video of set included


Comic connection has been set down as a tool to help other comics network with each other. Sharing all of our experiences and knowledge with each other. You can also make show promotions or advertise for need of comedian to or hosts.

TJMCOMEDY is a collective that is involved in mainstream and local comedy. We also like to be involved in private events or causes. TJMCOMEDY would love to support you’re cause. Tell us about it. We would love to hear from you!

During this Covid19 Pandemic we would like to offer the opportunity to showcase stand up sets and also comedic videos. At this time we would like to showcase any virtual shows and or open mics.

Featured Comedy Content

A stand-up comedy showcase featuring the some of the funniest and most well known comics in the DMV.

Rahmein Mostafavi (Fox, SiriusXM, Amazon Prime)
Ray Jubela
Dewayne White
Al Williams
Pam Arluk
Hosted by Danny Fernandez and Joey Coon

$20 VIP (Front Row Seating

529 23rd Street South
Arlington , VA

Here’s the latest episode of a wonderful Podcast you should listen to all the episodes great interviews great laughs.

Every Sunday 8PM EST we have a show for comics worldwide on Zoom.

Whether u tell stories, observe or can be punny, then step up to No Line to Cross Comedy.

We are uncensored, online & worldwide.

Hosted by Gerry (Like ‘Tom & Jerry’) Hodges
(Opened for Doug Stanhope & produced numerous Open Mics across Canada)

For more info just Email:  NoLineToCrossComedy@hotmail.co

RonaCuties. Sells Comical but safe Novelty holiday gifts.

BMD is better than them political debates y’all be watching. Less entertaining? Maybe. But we never pivot/avoid/deflect questions/topics, and everything is objectively resolved.

Noam Dworman is the owner of the Comedy Cellar and Jon Boreamayo is the Chief of Staff for Stand Up NY in NYC. Today we discussed how the clubs are dealing with (or not dealing with) the ever changing and escalating regulations from Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio that have put the nation’s comedy mecca on life support. How has all of this effected comedy clubs’ staff, comedians and the bottom line. We also get into the drama between Leslie Jones and Kevin Brennan and how it resulted in Kevin’s banning from the Comedy Cellar and more!

Stand-Up to Breast Cancer. Order a Breast Cancer Awareness shirt from QuailLife ent by message the on Facebook. Tell them your shirt size, if you would like a ribbon on your sleeve and with one. 50% of all sells will be donated to a Breast Cancer Foundation

Comedian Kersi Asare on Laugh with AFRICA! Streaming now on Amazon Prime!

Comedianne Mindy Matijasevic and her perspective on marriage

Comedian Reggie Fiftygrand Edwards will show us how to make stuffed turkey leg.

Take a look at Comedianne Mija DiGiorgio on culture differences

Comedian Rallo Boykins and his new album The BirthofaTroll available for presale on iTunes.  

Owner Al Martin of Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club. His new book ” Did it on a dare” on how to make it in the industry

Comedian Jon Lissman host of Mate Mornings, a daily IG Live show at 8am Eastern fueled by Yerba Mate. Tune in while Brooklyn based comic, Jon Lissman, interviews other comedians about life in comedy during the quarantine. Fellow comics, if you’re reading this and want to share a cup of caffeine over IG Live,

Comedian Liz Miele  her very funny comedy special  Self Help Me on youtube check it out.

The Facebook page for a Podcast that showcases queer and gay comedians

Comedianne Marnie B expresses her feelings as “Bath Girl” 

Comedian John Mcginley and his variety show.

Comedian Michael Anthony Scott talks about moxie,and what it takes to get it

Comedian Kevin Dombrowski’s live comedy album “High on Molly”  on Amazon

Dan Collins has no more Lysol.

Comedian Kersi Asari and wife on home made covid19 remedies.

2 Non Doctors is a weekly podcast from comedians Liz Miele and Maria Shehata who talk about health, their bodies and life with little to no accuracy. It is personal and funny, but if it is informative – that’s just an unfortunate side effect. 

MANDOM – PSC (Offical Music Video) Intro w/ Greer Barnes, Dov Davidoff, and Bill Dawes (NSFW)

Comedienne Sonya Vai shares on how she is dealing with Covid19 and the isolation

Comedians David Foster and Perry Stong “If doctors were drug dealers.

Patricia Dinglasan on tips for making it through covid19.

Laz Rivero at a Covid19 press conference.

Comedienne Lana Siebel in a throw back set

Madame Gertrude and her crystal ball


Featured Event: Jan 2020 TJM 1 Year Anniversary

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